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Defend-X Vest Plate D.R.P-L111
4 X 7in

Defend-X® Level III 4" x 7" Concealed Armor Rifle Plate

The Defend-X® Concealed Armor Rifle Plate is a lightweight (2.5 lbs), multi-hit Level III (Stand-Alone Tested) rifle plate, designed to be worn in combination with concealed soft armor vests. Designed specifically for law enforcement officers, the patent pending Defend-X® Concealed Armor Rifle Plate utilizes the same advanced ballistic resistive technology of our military grade hard armor systems.

+ Level III+ Protection with any vest
+ Multi-hit Stopping Power
+ Anti-Spalling Design
+ Thin & Lightwieght
+ Comfortable for Daily Wear
+ 5 Year Warranty

The Defend-X® Concealed Armor Rifle Plate is designed to fit into most standard internal or external soft armor rifle plate pockets and is comfortable enough to be worn everyday. Our rifle plate significantly increases the wearer's protection against stab and blunt force trauma injuries that are caused by the impact forces against the soft body armor. (i.e. ballistic forces, vehicle accidents etc.) Unlike other drop in rifle plates on the market today, that must be worn "in conjunction" with Level II or IIA soft armor to achieve their designed protection level, the Defend-X® Concealed Armor Rifle Plate is designed and tested to meet and exceed NIJ Level III with no additional soft armor backing. Our rifle plate can be worn with all levels of soft armor while maintaining Level III protection against rifle fire. (Weight: 2.5 lbs per plate)