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9/6/14 (2 day) - Pawnee Sportsmens Center - Briggsdale, CO.

Advanced Handgun Skills – Personal Defense Course

This intense 2 day course takes all your skills to a higher level. Students will be introduced to new skills in Modern Defense while reinforcing the fundamentals. This is an Advanced Handgun Skills course as it relates to Concealed Carry and your Personal Defense. Using scenarios and reality based drills to increase each student’s skills and add to them. Engaging multiple assailants, decision making drills, weapon retention, non-standard shooting positions, vehicle scenarios and basic room clearing will be elements included in this course. Mental preparation and the defensive Mind Set will also be reinforced, and the force continuum is discussed. This is an Advanced Course your sure to thoroughly enjoy, veteran shooters and other professionals will strengthen their skills and others will surely add to theirs.


9/12/14 (3 day) - Pawnee Sportsmens Center - Briggsdale, CO.

Long Range Rifle Workshop

This comprehensive hands-on field course is designed to teach shooters how to engage long range targets. This is a great workshop for rifle shooters who want to get the most out of their rifles and gear. Attendees will have the honor to get some formal tips and training to improve their shooting skills. You will be learning these coveted skills from highly skilled trainers with real world experience applying the craft of precision & long distance shooting. Victory Defense Consulting is proud to be hosting Whalen’s Precision Shooting. Founded by Brian Whalen, a former Special Forces Sniper & Sniper Instructor as well as an award winning competitive shooter. You will learn a wide variety of useful skills that can apply to your chosen purpose for long range target engagement.

LIMITED Small class to ensure the very best instruction. Enroll EARLY!

We have 1,800 acres of Natural Terrain to work with and a training opportunity you can not pass up!


9/17/14 (2 day) - Pawnee Sportsmens Center - Briggsdale, CO.

360 Patrol Rifle & High Risk Deployment

Please open the Printable PDF for a Full Course Description.

This is an exceptionally unique Patrol Rifle Operator & High Risk Deployment Course. This intense course provides hands on instruction and practical exercises focused on the specific needs of the patrol rifle operator thru active learning. The course includes the use and application of high risk deployments in a 360 degree natural terrain environment with the patrol rifle. This course is designed to increase the hard skills of a Patrol Rifle Operator (Law Enforcement/Military/Security) and develop skills to properly engage / naturalize dynamic armed threats. Students will gain hands-on experience with the patrol rifle and its use in High Risk Deployment from vehicles in bail out scenarios, in ambush scenarios, in high risk pursuit drills on rural Natural Terrain at one of Colorado’s largest Shooting Facilities (1,800 acres).

This is the kind of course every Patrol Officer who is qualified to carry a Patrol Rifle should take. There is an immense value in getting officers away from paper targets on square ranges, incorporating a 360 degree live environment, using reality based scenario training with Role Players, and safely forcing duress and rapid decision making skills.

This will be a Patrol Rifle Course unlike any you have likely attended in your career and we encourage you to bring an open mind and take lessons learned back with you to your agency and potentially save lives of fellow officers while building on required skills. The course is an intense physical hands-on course that will require considerable physical exertion. However it is not an obstacle course, it’s solidly physical but not brutal.

*Special Introduction rate
+ This course is also available as a dedicated Agency Course and can be scheduled at will.


10/18/14 (1 day) - Pawnee Sportsmens Center - Briggsdale CO.

Pawnee 3 Gun Event w/ Night Zombie Shoot!

Join us for Colorado's only MONTHLY 3+ Gun Event.

Flash Lights required if shooting Night Stage(s).
Bleeding Zombies INCLUDED ! ADD to Cart NOW....

A gathering of likeminded Colorado shooting enthusiasts and something you just don't want to miss.

"Join" This event here on our Facebook page and then INVITE your friends!

A fun skill building & networking event with an informal competitive spirit and just a great excuse to gather with friends and shoot something other than static paper targets. BLEEDING ZOMBIE Targets INCLUDED!


12/8/14 (5 day) - Rocky Mountain Gun Club, 545 31 Rd, Grand Junction, CO. 81504

Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT) Defense Tactics Instructor Certification

The PPCT Pressure Point Control Tactics course was the first subject control system designed based on tactical, legal and medical research. It was originally developed as a supplement to existing defensive tactics or impact weapon systems. The course focuses on two primary areas: controlling low-level resistance with finger tip touch pressure to nerve pressure points and controlling high-level resistance with defensive counter strikes and the baton, which produce motor dysfunctions and controlled stuns



Mobile Training Teams are available for any course and courses can be offered or delivered on-site at more affordable rates minus perdeim and officer travel expenses. Please contact us for customized or combined courses if interested.

Host Pachages are available as a cost effective way to bring training on-site and serve the needs of any group or agency.  Ask about our Host Packages or request the Host Info Kit that includes details on the FREE training available to hosts.


Victory Defense Consulting is proud to recognize the following Law Enforcement Agencies who have been clients and participated in our professional training programs. Victory Defense Consulting provides more Instructor Level Certification Programs than any other provider in the State or Rocky Mountain States Region.  We also regularly host some of the nation's most highly regarded Subject Matter Experts.

Police Agencies
who have attended, hosted Seminars, Certification Programs, or participated in Specialized or Customized Training with us:
  • Grand Junction PD (CO)
  • Fruita PD (CO)
  • Palisade PD (CO)
  • Parachute PD (CO)
  • Glenwood Springs PD (CO)
  • Castle Rock PD (CO)
  • Cedaredge PD (CO)
  • Cripple Creek PD (CO)
  • Aspen PD (CO)
  • Silt PD (CO)
  • Salina PD (CO)
  • Gunnison PD (CO)
  • Firestone PD (CO)
  • Dacono PD (CO)
  • Denver PD (CO)
  • Fountain PD (CO)
  • Florence PD (CO)
  • Frederick PD (CO)
  • Westminster PD (CO)
  • Fort Morgan PD (CO)
  • Montrose PD (CO)
  • Lamar PD (CO)
  • Rangely PD (CO)
  • Springfield PD (CO)
  • Craig PD (CO)
  • Durango PD (CO)
  • Meeker PD (CO)
  • Cortez PD (CO)
  • Thornton PD (CO)
  • Colorado Springs PD (CO)
  • Pikes Peak Com. College PD (CO)
  • Commerce City PD (CO)
  • Loveland PD (CO)
  • Lakewood PD (CO)
  • Longmont PD (CO)
  • Yuma PD (CO)
  • Marana PD (AZ)
  • Navajo Nation PD (AZ)
  • Cheyenne PD (WY)
  • Omaha PD (NE)
  • Alliance PD (NE)
  • Gordon PD (NE)
  • Bridgeport PD (NE)
  • Raton PD (NM)
  • City of Las Vegas PD (NV)
  • Salina PD (KS)
  • White Fish PD (WY)

Sheriff or County Agencies who have attended, hosted Seminars, Certification Programs, or participated in Specialized or Customized Training with us:
  • Adams County Sheriff (CO)
  • Arapahoe County Sheriff (CO)
  • Mesa County Sheriff (CO)
  • Garfield County Sheriff (CO)
  • Delta County Sheriff (CO)
  • Denver County Sheriff (CO)
  • Montrose County Sheriff (CO)
  • San Miguel County Sheriff (CO)
  • Summit County Sheriff (CO)
  • Ouray County Sheriff (CO)
  • Grand County Sheriff (CO)
  • Washington County Sheriff (CO)
  • Montezuma County Sheriff (CO)
  • El Paso County Sheriff (CO)
  • Moffat County Sheriff (CO)
  • Pueblo County Sheriff (CO)
  • Eagle County Sheriff (CO)
  • Weld County Sheriff (CO)
  • Baca County Sheriff (CO)
  • Larimer County Sheriff (CO)
  • La Plata County Sheriff (CO)
  • Douglas County Sheriff (CO)
  • Jefferson County Sheriff (CO)
  • La Plata County Public Safety (CO)
  • Gove County Sheriff (KS)
  • Salt Lake County Sheriff (UT)
  • San Juan County Sheriff (UT)
  • Lincoln County Sheriff (WY)

State Agencies who have attended, hosted Seminars, Certification Programs, or participated in Specialized or Customized Training with us:
  • Alaska State Police
  • Colorado Dept of Corrections
  • Colorado State Patrol
  • Colorado State Parks
  • Colorado Mounted Rangers
  • West End Public Schools

Federal Agencies who have attended, hosted Seminars, Certification Programs, or participated in Specialized or Customized Training with us to-date:
  • US Forest Service Law Enforcement
  • US Bureau of Land Management LEOs
  • US Federal Reserve Bank Police
  • Department of Defense (DoD) - US Army

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Standard & Customized Self Defense Training

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Krav Maga Law Enforcement  Defense Tactics  Instructor Certifications Available from the Nationally recognized US Krav Maga Association (USKMA).

USKMA Handgun & Patrol Rifle Firearms Instructor Certification Program

Center Axis Relock Introduction and Instructor Development

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